Crystal Red Shrimp

Crystal Red Shrimp - Caridina Cantonensis

Crystal Red Shrimp : Shrimp are among the most popular hobby, sometimes called Red Bee (bee red). Intense color and very slight growth are the main reasons for this species of shrimp is very popular for both beginners and fanciers.Perhaps the photos you say these are just some Crystal Red Shrimp Cherry red with white spots, but it is not.Precisely those which contrasts sharply with white stripes red stripes makes him special and stand out also. Over time it has developed a classification system to Crystal Red, some varieties are very expensive. The classification of Crystal Red Shrimp is done based on the number of white stripes / red on their body and the space occupied by them. Such a Crystal Red K10 comes to cost anywhere from 60 euros.

History:Crystal Red Shrimp are actually a mutation of Cardini cantonensis (Bee shrimp - white with black stripes), a species that comes from around China. In 1996, Suzuki of Japan Hisayasu noticed that one of his bee shrimp have red stripes instead of black. He illustrated these with other shrimp shrimp "bee" to get as many varieties. Gradually and other breeders have selected different Crystal Red shrimp to reproduce and thus reinforce colors and managed to obtain several classes.

  • Water parameters:
    Crystal Red Shrimp prefer soft water, acidic. Ideally, water have a pH lower than 7 and have toughness 5. Water temperature should not exceed in any case 27 to 28 C. To take advantage of splendid colors of this species is good water parameters to fall somewhere in the middle of extremes. By reaching those extremes, shrimp become very stressed, losing their intense color.
    Crystal Red Shrimp gender differentiation to be made difficult if juveniles. Once they reached adulthood, it is quite easy to differentiate them, the females being much larger than males. Color differences between the two sexes are quite small, and their differentiation based on this criterion can be misleading. Another difference between the two sexes is the space we have in spate.Acolo female feet under the belly, is also where you keep the eggs until they hatch.

    • Reproduction:Crystal Red Shrimp species are not so difficult to reproduce as many tend to believe. Multiply as easily as any other species of shrimp from Cardinal. To get more shrimp on each deposit you just need to grow them in a fresh water optimi.Puii parameters out of the eggs are colored just like parents having only dimensini much smaller (1-2mm). Yet their ranking can not be made until they do not grow older. When you are big you can see better and stripes on body proportions which occupies two large color acesta.Un disadvantage of selective breeding to obtain as large classes is that along with increasing sensitivity increases and conditions the aquarium. This makes them much harder to set up and default.

    • Feeding:Crystal Red Shrimp feed like other algae eating shrimp. The main source of food is the algae in the aquarium and feed the remains of fish in the aquarium. As special food for them is recommended based on spirulina and clorela food. You can also feed them with boiled carrots, cucumbers or zucchini. To feed these vegetables may have to cut into slices as thin, preferably 1 to 2 mm maximum. Remember that they must be removed after more than 24 hours because they can begin to break mureze and water quality. Water quality must be careful in case of special food for shrimp feeding as feeding leads to excessive water impairment. A water with a high level of nitrates is dangerous for Crystal Red shrimp, which are sensitive to this parameter of water.

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